Assault on Democracy

The actions yesterday by rioters and domestic terrorists were an assault on our democracy. There is no question that it was fueled by Trump and other leaders who spread lies for weeks/months/years and who use rhetoric that inspires violence.

I am somewhat comforted that following this insurgence, many Trumpists, including Pence and McConnell, FINALLY broke from Trump and condemned these actions and rhetoric. It’s tempting to say “too little, too late,” but I will go with better late than never.

Yesterday also shone a spotlight on the hypocrisies with movements led by white nationalists versus people of color. The force that BLM protests were met with this summer, before any protests turned into riots or looting, was incredibly excessive. This is especially true when compared with the delayed lack of force yesterday when rioters stormed the Capitol and acted as domestic terrorists.

Despite the comfort I take that our democracy managed to prevail in the wee hours of this morning, I am distraught. We need to make much progress in many areas, but first, we need to heal not just from the last four years, but from the years prior that made Trump possible.

I am not smart enough to know how to do that. But I do know that everyone plays a part. Do what you can to bring people together. Do what you can to inspire love, inclusion, decency, respect, and integrity. 

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